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How Much do Security Screens Cost?

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Most businesses are afraid to discuss price on their website  So, you’re asking, “How much do security screens cost?”  I think some companies feel that if their prices are too high the buyer will shop elsewhere. If the prices are too low the buyer will think that there is something wrong with the product…. and still shop elsewhere. Yep, these things may happen. But rather than throw in the towel, we believe this is a great time to provide some education.

So, how much do security screens cost?

Actually, that depends on a few factors.  But we are OK with giving prices on our website. I mean, after all, don’t we come to expect price differences when the products are different? Does anyone believe that a Ford Taurus will cost the same as a Cadillac? Do you know why these two vehicles don’t cost the same? It’s simple: How much do security screens cost.... like the cadillac has different features than a volkswagan you should know about security screen features that affect price.The features are different. Here are some things that differentiate one product from another:

  • Size
  • Materials Used
  • Quality of Materials Used
  • Product Options Available
  • Etc.

The average homeowner can expect to pay around $10,000 for Crimsafe coverage for all of their windows and doors. (No, we don’t include Crimsafe for your garage door! ) What do you get for this $10,000? Well, you get a lot!

What Do I Get When I Buy Security Screens from Crimsafe?

  • The mesh is ‘screw-clamped’ so it can’t be kicked out. Check out this video about one of our “look-a-like” but not “act-a-like” competitor screens.
  • You get a stainless steel security screen is 0.9mm /.035″ thick and precisely woven, so every strand backs up the others
  • The tightly woven mesh makes it almost impossible to get a hand-hold to pull on the door or window grille.
  • The mesh cannot be cut with a typical utility. Want to try it out? We’ll bring a sample and let you go at it all day with your own knife.
  • The “secret” mesh coating means long life and good looks.
  • The frame is solid – and I really mean solid! How about contacting Energy Security and Auditing Group and we’ll show you a sample of a Crimsafe screen. Even though the sample is just a corner of the frame with screen between the two pieces, you won’t be able to bend it or pull the screen out!
  • Strength – what would happen if you shot a piece of hardwood at the screen .. say, at over 30 miles-per-hour? Nothing. What if we increased it to almost 55 MPH? Well … the screen dented. But the block of wood bounced off without penetrating the screen. These tests are called Category tests because they test for conditions found in category 3 and category 4 cyclone storms.
  • Slow to transfer heat. This was tested by placing the screen near a furnace. This test showed that almost half of the heat from a fire source on the other side of the screen does not transfer through Crimsafe mesh – a very high rating.

In-Home security systems can do a great job alerting you and police of a break-in to your home or business. But they work only AFTER someone has entered your home. Crimsafe works to stop the criminal BEFORE they can get into your home.

So, in answer to your question, “How much do security screens cost?” the best way to find out is to get a quote from a reputable installer for your specific application.  Though a ball-park figure for a 1600SF home is roughly $10,000 it is best to get an exact estimate for your needs.

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Want to see Crimsafe for yourself?  Complete this Contact Form and we will let you see what all the rave is about!

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